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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Working with the UK’s award-winning luxury herbal infusion brand

In the age of awareness and the ‘conscious consumer’, people’s tea consumption habits are based more and more on the ethical sourcing and transparency of what they buy. Are the suppliers taking care of their infusions AND the environment? Who picks and processes the infusions? When were the infusions harvested? Consumers want to be a part of the journey from seed to cup, and appreciate naturally grown and processed infusions. In addition, consumers are prioritising spending on out-of-home experiences and are more health conscious than ever. How you take advantage of this is all in the offering and the experience itself.

We believe mass cultivation of herbs may risk compromising on quality, and favour either foraging mountainous areas in line with conservation principles or working with multiple small farms. Our ethos means you’ll be able to provide clientele and guests with a truly unique herbal infusion offering.  

At Nazani Tea we not only provide you with the best artisan herbals, but we will also help you create your very own luxurious, and health and wellness orientated infusion-taking experience. From bespoke menus and bespoke blends, to unique and alternative methods of service, we’ll work with you to elevate your infusion-taking experience to new heights. Our luxurious caddies ooze elegance and our infusions and tisanes provide consumers with a feast for the senses (through texture and visual effect, in addition to taste).

We have worked with multiple brands, creating experiences, including luxurious functionality driven and seasonality-based spa menus, an enchanted garden afternoon tea, a Lebanese cream tea pairing menu and a green-zen afternoon tea – we absolutely love a challenge. If you’re in hospitality or the foodservice industry, and you want to strengthen your herbal infusion offering, standing out from the crowd, or if you’re a retailer wanting to offer some of the world’s finest and ultra-rare herbal infusions, please let us know.

Inspiring your team

Let our passion and strive for excellence, inspire your team through onsite training, so that they can in turn, ignite the imagination and passion of consumers to get the most out of the menu offering.

Partner with us, and partner with the future.

Nazani Tea for HoReCa

If you are looking for Award-winning teas, sourced from artisan farmers please contact our sales team.

Looking for Corporate Wellbeing Gifts ?

At Nazani Tea we have a range of Luxury Wellbeing Gifts to suit all tastes. From Organic and wild infusions and tisanes, Wellness boxes and handmade teaware sets.

Nazani's Tea bespoke service allows you to design the perfect gift, tailored to your brand and corporate livery.

We will help you to create best offer for your business to suit all budgets.