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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Award-Winning Teas at the Great Taste Awards 2020

We are pleased to announce that our wild foraged Lemon Thyme, naturally grown Red Amaranth (grown in Kent by Chegworth Valley), organic Lemon Verbena, and our organic Damask Rose Buds, have won Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food!

Here are a few snippets from the judges:

Red Amaranth – 2 Stars

“A shockingly hot-pink colour, it looks great! Very light on the nose, subtle vegetal notes come through. Really interesting flavour. Earthy beetroot comes through, and carries a lingering sweetness that really works. Very smooth and drinkable. Visually this tea would stand out from the crowd, and it doesn’t disappoint in taste.”

“You have to like beetroot! We think this delicious. Congratulations on this innovation.”

“A glorious beetroot-juice pink, the link to the vegetable is there in the aroma. Earthy, rounded and sweet on the palate like long-baked beetroot, there’s also a dusty herbal note. A really welcome innovation.”

Damask Rose Buds – 1 Star

“The prime condition rosebuds brew to produce a delicate light yellow infusion, with good damask rose scent. The liquor is delicate but clearly true to its origins and has a very mild astringency to balance the mild sweetness of the rose flavour. This infusion is worthy of a star rating.”

“The dry rosebuds look beautiful, dried just right. In the cup the liquor is a lovely pale yellow with a hint of pink, very clear and bright. The nose on the wet buds is of a warming rose with hints of sweetness. The flavour  is lovely. A really nice, soft and subtle rose that is very enjoyable.”

Lemon Thyme – 2 Stars

“Very herbaceous in the aroma. Really interesting flavour. Again, very herby as you’d expect from a thyme, with delicate citrus notes coming through. Underlying peppery notes that linger on the palate. This is a grown up tea, and a very good one at that.”

“A revelation. A fresh new way to enjoy citric flavours, this time with a discreet touch of green but none of the staleness that dried thyme can so easily give.”

Lemon Verbena – 1 Star

“A lovely pale yellow in the cup and a subtle aroma on the nose. Pleasant sweetness and gentle lemon on the palate. A good example of lemon verbena.”

“The dry ingredient has a floral and lemony smell, fresh and bright. The liquor brewed is pale lemon yellow in colour and has a lemon and herb aroma and is refreshingly tart in the mouth with hints of herbs and lemon. A delightful and delicious infusion worthy of star rating.”

Award-Winning Teas at the Great Taste Awards 2019

We are pleased to announce that our organic Chamomile (grown in Scotland by Windy Hollow Farm), and both our Kykeon™ blends (Modern and Traditional recipes) have won a Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food!

Chamomile - 2 Stars

"Delicious fragrance of stepping into a wild meadow. Really beautiful bright yellow heads which remain whole after brewing. Drinking this was like a big hug - it was warm, clean, refreshing with a good chamomile flavour following through with delicious buttery vanilla tones which kept on giving. You really felt it was doing you good."

"The dried flower heads give off their sweet, warm honeyed aroma when rubbed in the fingers - hay, summertime meadows and warm sunshine. A well balanced and rather delicious example of Chamomile tea."

Kykeon™ (Modern) - 2 Stars

"A pale infusion, a delicate mint background - not dominant or bold. The initial mint starts to develop, fresh flavoured and vibrant. There is a sweetness, we feel this could be from the toasted oats which have caramelised - there is a delicious delicacy here. We went back for more and found a complexity which was very delicious - rounded and multi-dimensional. The finish leaves a fresh herbal flavour almost as if the bees had introduced the taste of the countryside, the land and the terroir."

"Very roasty toasty on the nose once brewed, the oats doing well to stand up to the normally strident mint. This balance continues onto the flavour with the oats lending a creaminess to this refreshing brew. The mint, with its characteristic chill holds its own. Well crafted, the balance is clever."

Kykeon™ (Traditional) - 1 Star

"This is a creamy tisane which gives a good mouth feel and is almost a filling tea. The honey coloured liquor looks rich and full bodied. The flavour is a vibrant mint flavour mixed with honey/mead. Distinctive and full bodied."

Award-Winning Teas at the Great Taste Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce that our wild mountain mint from Armenia, and our organic olive leaf from Greece have won a Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food! 

Here are a few snippets from the judges:

Mountain Mint – 1 Star 

“ A light caramel colour, great clarity. Has a rustic taste and full bodied.”  

“Clean and consistent taste.” 

 “Deep colour and intriguing vegetal notes on the nose. The mint flavour is pleasantly smooth and subtle with an interesting complex grassy background. Altogether a pleasant, warming, interesting tea for those looking for something milder.” 

“A delightful amber gold colour. On the nose the mint was intriguing and unusual.” 

Olive Leaf – 1 Star

“Attractive looking leaves, but with little scent. Delicate colour. Quite a pleasant savoury umami aroma and flavour when brewed, refreshing and it stays on the palate.”