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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Responsibility and sustainability of our sourcing locations


Crafting of our wild herbal infusions takes place in the village areas nearest to the lush alpine meadows, so most of the economic benefits generated are returned to residents, ensuring ethical infusion sourcing and sustainability not just in terms of the herbs grown, but also the lifestyle and culture grounded in thousands of years of history and tradition.


Cyherbia do not believe in using any chemicals or pesticides and nurture their herbs naturally. Their love for nature and the environment shines through, creating the purest and most delicious cup. Cyherbia also help us to source herbs which they do not grow themselves from ethically minded family farms across the island. We are forever thankful.


By working with nature and growing plants that are strong & healthy with a natural resistance to pests & diseases, in turn produces fruit & vegetables which are full of flavour, with the added benefit of being free from chemicals.

The use of chemicals is shunned in favour of traditional farming methods. Over 300 acres are farmed by the family, consisting of delicious, vibrant and naturally grown fruit, vegetables and now our beautiful red amaranth infusion. 

Each sip of our English red amaranth bestows on the drinker not only the purity of Chegworth Valley Farm, but also the love and attention which has gone into each petal, from seed to cup.


Cycladi Farm production is select, small and certified organic. The Spanos family have been farming and tending to their olive groves for over 150 years, with the use of chemicals being shunned in favour of traditional farming methods.


Crayfish Bay runs on a cooperative fairtrade basis. Controls of the lands have been given over to the local people and. In return for looking after the lands, they receive 90% of the highest current price available for all the wet cocoa and green nutmeg they pick. They may plant as many other crops as they choose on the understanding that they follow organic practices and that these crops do not interfere with the cocoa trees. These other crops belong entirely to them, and give them a steady income during periods when no cocoa is being harvested. Traditionally farm workers are laid off during these periods, not at Crayfish Bay.


Windy Hollow Farm is committed to sustaining a healthy ecosystem, with a strong belief that this can be best achieved with organic farm practices, learning and understanding about healthy soil, plants and wildlife. Windy Hollow Farm is fully off grid and generates its own energy using solar, hydro and wind energy. The Farm also holds renewable energy workshops, wildflower identification trails, tea tours and herbal tours, to encourage environmental learning.

Infusions ethically and sustainably sourced

Our herbal infusions are all ethically and sustainably sourced, not just in terms of the actual herbs grown, but also the economic benefits for foragers and farming families, in addition to culture grounded in thousands of years of history and tradition.​

Suppliers – Join the Nazani Tea Family

At Nazani Tea we pride ourselves in working closely with our partnering ethnobotanist and farming families from around the world – we know our pickers and processors personally.

The Nazani Tea Family work together to promote the values of honesty, transparency and consistency to not only deliver the purest and most nourishing tisanes, but to conserve the ecosystem whilst doing so.

If you’d like to be a part of the Nazani Tea Family and believe in similar ideals, please let us know by contacting us.

Did you know that loose leaf teas and herbals are more nutritious?

This is because on the whole higher-grade teas and herbal infusions are used than those present in teabags (of course there may be exceptions to this).

In addition, most teabags will constrain leaves and flowers, keeping them from expanding. Brewing in loose leaf form allows for more hot water to surface area contact, which in turn allows for greater extraction of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavours and aromas. Therefore, a greater nutritional potency and stronger flavour will create a more authentic tea and herbal taking experience.

Loose leaf is not just considered more flavourful, but better for the environment too

With loose leaf, there is one less process involved, which not only reduces your CO2 footprint, but also the amount of packaging used, and can be directly thrown on to the compost heap.