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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Nazani Tea featured in Brooklands by Claude Bosi, Brookands Bar and The Teasting Room Cigar Lounge at the Peninsula Hotel

Following on from our post regarding the Peninsula Hotel, our infusions have been enjoyed by many in the newly-awarded 2 Michelin starred restaurant, Brooklands, in addition to Brooklands Bar and the Tasting Room cigar lounge, from the get go. We have a delicious selection of infusions on the menu from our organic Grenadan cocoa bean, wild South African rooibos, to our foraged wild mountain mint from the Lalvar mountain in Armenia - there's something for everyone!

About Brooklands Restaurant

Soaring heights are achieved at Brooklands by Claude Bosi – a spectacular rooftop restaurant that is both a destination and a journey. The space, which pays homage to the classic eras of British aviation and motorsport, sets the scene for the modern British cuisine of Chef Director Claude Bosi.

Brooklands by Claude Bosi shares its namesake with the storied Surrey racetrack – the birthplace of British racing sport and flight innovation. The restaurant, as well as its dedicated lift and entryway, are appointed with a specially curated collection of artefacts honouring Brooklands’ history. Amongst the most remarkable of these is a vintage Napier Railton, the 1933 race car that set – and still holds – Brooklands’ speed record; and an arresting scale-model of the iconic Concorde aircraft, suspended from the ceiling of the main dining room. These are also reflected in the restaurant’s two private dining rooms – ‘Napier Railton’ and ‘Mach II’. A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, and an expansive dining terrace with stunning views of London’s skyline only further enhance the sense of being airborne.

Brooklands by Claude Bosi offers a menu crafted from the very best of British ingredients using traditional French techniques to deliver dishes that perfectly balance modernity and classic fine dining. Together, Chef Director Claude Bosi and Chef de Cuisine Francesco Dibenedetto bring a wealth of culinary expertise to establish Brooklands as a highly desirable and respected drinking and dining destination.

About Brooklands Bar

A sleek space showcasing innovative cocktails, as well as striking views across London’s skyline, Brooklands Bar makes an unforgettable day-to-night rooftop destination.

The bar’s design further embraces the restaurant’s themes of classic British aviation, motorsport, and fine craftsmanship. Its intricate latticed ceiling echoes that of a twin-engine bomber designed in the 1930s; its striking glass chandelier, meanwhile, replicates the blades of a Rolls Royce turbine jet engine.

About The Tasting Room 

Occupying an exclusive area of the rooftop, The Tasting Room cigar lounge offers an elegant and relaxed space for the enjoyment of finely curated cigars.

Like the adjacent Brooklands restaurant and bar – with which it shares a dedicated elevator – The Tasting Room takes design inspiration from the world of fine motorcars. Its mahogany-panelled sitting room incorporates design elements of The Delage 155B, a luxury French race car that won the first Grand Prix at Brooklands in 1926. The lounge and attached terrace also afford truly breath-taking panoramic views over Hyde Park and the surrounding cityscape.