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Yes, “Chocolate Tea” Does Exist!

One of the fantastic attributes of drinking herbal infusions is that they are free of caffeine so that you can enjoy them any time during the day and night. This is true of the entire range of the Nazani Tea collection with the exception of any of our teas that contain cocoa beans, which do contain small amounts of caffeine and theobromine (both mental stimulants). Though many who have visited us at tastings react in sheer disbelief, there is indeed something called “chocolate tea”, better known as our Organic Cocoa Bean Infusion. This can be enjoyed entirely on its own or blended with many of our other herbals in the range such as our Wild Mountain Mint, Wild Agnus Castus, Roasted Spring Oats, Organic Damask Rose Buds and Wild Linden. Cocoa Bean with Mountain Mint is particularly popular with our clientele just as the combination of chocolate mint is popular among those who adore ice-cream.

Quite some time ago when luxury afternoon tea venues in places like central London were trying to differentiate themselves, the so-called chocolate tea did make an appearance. However, this was in reference to indulging in an afternoon tea with hot chocolate as opposed to the usual offerings within the vast possibilities stemming from the Camellia sinensis plant with its many levels of oxidation and processing. The post-pandemic general scene appears to be one with more of a focus on wellness so that herbals are on offer more nowadays equal to options like black tea, green tea, hot chocolate and even alcoholic afternoon tea pairings like martinis. 

Visitors as well as those working and living in cities like London will have noticed a recent mushrooming of facilities like gyms, pilates and yoga studios for greater mental and physical health following such a major public health crisis we saw over the past two years. It is important to know that practices like pilates are designed for both mental and physical exercise and these often are accompanied by herbal infusions and other similar products. The increased awareness of a healthy diet, regular exercise and wellness habits have boosted the consumption of herbal infusions. However, integrating a disciplined health regime in one’s life need not exclude jolly treats from time to time. With Nazani’s Cocoa Bean available, you can have your tea and cake and eat them too by having the pleasure of the taste of chocolate but not ingesting as many calories as consuming chocolate on its own. 

The source of our cocoa beans (husks and nibs) is an organic cocoa estate on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grenada. Grenada exports mostly a variety of spices including nutmeg and mace but other exports include bananas, cocoa and chocolate. Nazani Tea is very proud to source our products from different and exotic parts of the world. 

Please do take the time to read about the cultivation process and many health benefits of Cocoa Beans on our product page. Do also note the unusual benefit of cocoa beans for dental health and diabetes!