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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Our Beautiful Peacock Logo

Upon opening a caddy or pouch of Nazani Tea, our clientele often remark how beautiful our logo appears. Decked in gold with a chic, black background, two peacocks daintily flank the Nazani Tea name much like supporters in an heraldic coat of arms. This makes for a delightful treat when received as a gift to oneself or for others. But why was the peacock chosen to represent this luxury herbal infusions brand? Let us explore the many meanings of the peacock to see the several reasons as to why.

Firstly, there is the Nazani Tea brand motto – luxury, integrity and elegance. Many of the Earth’s creatures are elegant but none more so than the peacock with its colourful and graceful train of iridescent feathers resembling ever-watchful eyes. Part of the definition of integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking, and Nazani Tea is always looking with our peacock eyes to source the best herbal products for people to purchase and enjoy. Moreover, one would never associate the striking, free-roaming peacock with something so common as standard tea in teabags. Our herbal infusions are only sold in loose leaf form and wild-foraged from ancient places with millennia of traditions, including those for medical herbalism. The entire process is organic, sustainable and ethical, which is still a rarity in the corporate world but hopefully growing as people become more conscious of real quality. This results in the luxury aspect of our herbal collection just as spotting a peacock in a garden seems like a rarity.

Secondly, the peacock has represented other concepts across time and cultures such as grandeur, beauty, love, fertility, divinity, royalty and immortality. Since many of our herbals are sourced from Greece, it is noteworthy that the ancient Greeks believed that the flesh of the peacock did not decay after death leading to its association with immortality. Later, Christianity adopted the old Persian and Babylonian symbolism in which the peacock dwells in the gardens of Paradise as well as being next to the Tree of Life. In Persia, the peacock was also tied to royalty and the Persian throne, which was referred to as “The Peacock Throne.” Further East, the peacock was an emblem of the Ming Dynasty in China, the bird possessing the meaning of imperial favour.

Lastly, the peacock is often made reference to in works of literature. For example, it can refer to a man’s pride as in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, which has this famous line, “Why he stalks up and down like a peacock, a stride and a stand.” At Nazani Tea we are indeed very proud of the brand’s ethos and selected the peacock to demonstrate this. We are also proud to supply you with our carefully crafted herbal infusions for your health and enjoyment during your moments of relaxation, reading, learning, entertaining and herbal healing for your mental and physical wellbeing. Also our peacocks are easy to touch, so order a caddy or refill!