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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Nazani Tea is a Proponent of Ethnobotany

Marketing studies of the shopping habits of younger individuals show that most members of the so-called Millennial and GenZ generations are very conscious in their spending habits within the context of ethics in business. Meaning, they wish to mainly support companies that create products having high standards when it comes to naturalness, sustainability and supply chain. People of all ages enjoy herbal infusions because of the health benefits associated with them, but relatively few companies deploy the expertise of an ethnobotanist in their operations like Nazani Tea does. This attention paid to the terroir from which our herbals are sourced result in a sustainable company offering genuinely organic products with an emphasis on maintaining tradition as well.

Ethnobotany is simply how people of a particular culture or region use local plants. The use of plants could be for food, drink, clothing, shelter, medicines, spiritual objects, personal adornment, recreation and many others depending on the culture in question. With an increasing curiosity for the next trendy thing, social media has started to become full of information about items such as CBD, psychedelics and similar trends in what is loosely classified as wellness.

Even with ethnobotany, the term is frequently interchangeable with ethnopharmacology and podcasts abound highlighting the esoteric traditions of experimentation with various plants in different parts of the world by shamanic personalities curious about stepping outside their comfort zones to experience different levels of consciousness. You may have heard about exotic plants like Ayahuasca, a tropical vine found in the Amazon known for its hallucinogenic properties, or the ancient Greeks experimenting with medicinal wines.

While these topics are fascinating, it is quite dangerous to experiment with plants that may have mind-altering properties, especially if one is not familiar with the amount of dosage to be used. It is possible to support the traditional use of plants that do not possess such qualities and limit experimentation to creating blends of safe herbals to collect and ingest in the form of herbal infusions. You will note the Nazani Tea collection contains quite a range, but this need not be overwhelming. In fact, the range and variety are there in order for you to experiment with your own blends by making your own combinations of teas. For example, you could drink our Elderflower by itself, or combine it with our Linden for a stronger anti-bacterial result. In this manner, you are able to invent your own concoctions and have your guests try to guess what you have combined and for which health benefit(s). The combinations of flavours are also very pleasant to taste.

Read about the health benefits of each of our herbal infusions in their descriptions and imagine yourself a herbalist and experiment by making safe and interesting combinations within our range. Drinking our many herbal infusions will not result in encountering odd entities, but we prefer you encounter enteateas!