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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Ready for the Future of Tea?

The rise of the conscious consumer and a caffeine-free lifestyle – the future of the tea industry.

Over the past few years, a few trends have become very apparent, not just within the tea industry, but further afield in the press. The secret is out - major players within the market have reported a slump in sales of black tea and teabags due to traditional tea drinkers being a dying breed, and the consumers of tomorrow taking more of a wholesome approach to tea drinking.

In the age of awareness and the ‘conscious consumer’, people’s tea consumption habits are based more and more on the ethical sourcing and transparency of what they buy. Are suppliers taking care of their teas AND the environment? Who picks and processes the teas? When were the teas harvested? Consumers want to be a part of the journey from seed to cup, and appreciate naturally grown and processed teas and herbals. Wildcrafted, biodynamic – these are terms being used more and more within the industry, as consumers demand natural, sustainable and honest speciality teas and herbals.

Consumers are thinking twice before grabbing their standard caffeinated tea bag, simply because it is ‘tea.’ People’s consumption is not a given, it is a conscious decision-making process. Convenience and homogeneity are no longer the determining factors for tea buying, which is one of the reasons for the drop in sales. Finally, the tea industry may enjoy the same revolution as coffee once did.

Another trend which has not gone unnoticed is the massive growth in herbal infusion sales, in fact one particular major player owes its growth purely on launching a cold brew herbal infusions range, and another household black-tea-only brand has taken the plunge with launching a brand new herbal range. The caffeine-free lifestyle is growing year on year, with consumers increasingly becoming functionality driven and looking for health benefits such as antioxidants, detox/purifying, immune boosting, calming and energising. Camellia sinensis (tea) cannot provide all these health benefits alone, and so consumers are splurging on herbal brews.

Addressing the change - welcome to the world's finest collection of award-winning herbal infusions

Nazani Tea undoubtedly provides consumers with an elevated emotive experience. Based on three principles - luxury, integrity and elegance, Nazani Tea’s ethos is to provide consumers with a truly unique herbal infusion offering, based on ethical sourcing, health and wellness, and transparency, giving herbal infusions the same love and care usually reserved for the finest coffees and loose-leaf teas.

Nazani Tea is working to resurrect ancient herbal infusions and with a focus on bringing innovative and new concepts to the market, including a new type of mint, a world-first herbal infusion - red amaranth, unique cocoa blends and colour changing wildcrafted brews. Commissioning harvests and working with small farming families across the world ensures freshness and traceability, which inspires consumers and staff alike. Handpicked, altitude-grown and foraged, are all words which appear in Nazani Tea’s vocabulary, and they’re proud of it.

Partner with Nazani Tea, and partner with the future.