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"The Earth has its music for those who listen"

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Nazani Tea Collaborates with Saint Aymes: The Enchanted Garden Afternoon Tea

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Saint Aymes for a limited time to create Enchant Garden Afternoon Tea experience. Our magical infusions feature for the afternoon tea experience, topped with edible 24ct gold leaf in Saint Aymes' signature style!

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24ct Unicorn Tears
From blue to purple, with just one drop. Organic butterfly pea flower sourced from Thailand. Watch as your natural brew miraculously transforms from blue to purple when infused with lemon. Naturally high in anthocyanins, enjoy the soothing anti-oxidant benefits of this organic tea. Topped with pure edible 24ct gold.

24ct Phoenix Tea
Plucked from stunning wild safflower blossoms, safflowers’ golden petals infuse for a beautifully rich brew. Harvested in keeping with a tradition passed down thousands of years, this wild safflower is hand harvested in its natural habitat, 1,900m above sea level. Our wild safflower tea has a pleasing honey-like aroma followed by savoury after notes, and may be enjoyed with “Cinderella” pumpkin sugar crystals or honey. Topped with pure edible 24ct gold.

24ct Mermaid's Tea
Starting out blue and fading to clear this tea is captivating just like the ocean. Made from delicate mallow flowers hand harvested 1,400m above sea level from the forest of Odzun. The high altitude lends itself to a sweet delicate taste and delightful aroma. Enjoy with our “Cinderella” pumpkin crystals for an all-round spectacular experience. Topped with pure edible 24ct gold.

24ct Mountain Mint Tea
Enjoy the rewards of time, dedication, craft and what nature has to offer, with our wild Mountain Mint Tea. Hand harvested 1,800m above sea level from its native habitat, Lalvar Mountain in the Lori region of Armenia. Harvesting of this unique type of mint is supervised by an ethnobotanist, taking into account the time of day and time of year to keep the aroma and active ingredients at their best. The grassy green leaves are dried in the shade under the ceramic roof of a natural drier to preserve the quality, essential oils and taste. The leaves are then milled slightly by hand to allow greater extraction of essential oils with every infusion. Enjoy the superior taste that only tea infused with love can bring. Topped with pure edible 24ct gold.

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